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What is Organic SEO and how is it done?

It depends on what you want to accomplish. SEO consists of a variety of practices used to bring organic relevant traffic to a website. For this reason, some SEO tasks can take longer than others. Generally, a quality SEO can accomplish significant results within three months of creating a website. Results usually don’t vary, and if your SEO is authentic, you will see results within the first couple of months of the campaign. MiklinSEO guarantees results within three months or your money back. Also, refer to the MIklin SEO Home Page to learn the building blocks for Organic SEO in 10 Easy Steps.

What is Name of the Animal For the Next Google Update?

The Google Penguin Update is an update focused on transparent, relevant, and unique content. There is also emphasis on a brands social media feed, where Google rewards a brand for integrating itself with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube and many other 2.0 Web Profiles.

It is either going to be Google Zebra or Google Orca. Both animals fit the black and white profile that Google seeks when choosing an animal for an algorithm update. The website had mentioned that Google Zebra could have been the name of the new algorithm.  SEO on Google Orca

Turns out it was two updates with two animals, a penguin 2.o and a Zebra. LOL

How does Google Quality Score Relate to Organic Search Engine Optimizaiton?

Quality score is an aggregated estimate of how relevant a website’s keywords, ads, and landing page are to the users seeing the ads. The organic experts at MiklinSEO also are very clever about the keywords they choose to increase the Quality Score and decease the Cost Per Click. One of the most beneficial reasons to hire an expert organic SEO is because the firm will save you significant money with your paid search campaigns in the long run.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is the practice of using paid search tactics to advertise online. Essentially, SEM centers in on solidifying targeted keywords that best fit your personal product being advertised. By using organic search tactics and ranking first with a multitude of keywords, your SEM campaign will become much cheaper. As your quality score rises for your selected keywords, your ROI sky rockets!

What is the Importacne of Social Media Optimization?

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. It is starting to become more important in the SEO world because of something known as Co-Citation. Basically, Co-Citation is having your brand or service mentioned on another website, without actually linking to the site. As it turns out, Google is smart enough to know when someone is referring to your site, based on related keywords. So what does this mean in terms of SMO or Social Media Optimization? It means, that if you have an interesting, relevant and optimized social media profile, Google will reward you and your ranking’s will reflect this reward. In conclusion, SMO is important for the future of your web site’s rank, on Google.

Here’s a great video on SEOmoz that defines co-citation.

Why does organic SEO matter?

By creating organic-links, you gain authority over unique niche keywords and phrases, which leads to the quality score of your Google paid ads going up. When your Quality Score increases, your Cost Per a Click becomes significantly more affordable. A company doesn’t need SEO, although it makes paid advertising cost much cheaper and succinct. If you want to skip the process of SEO, you are welcome to spend a premium amount on a strict Google Ad Words account. MiklinSEO will walk you through the entire process slowly and easily.